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PostSubject: Mercury    Wed Feb 15, 2012 9:41 am

The timelines for the Marvelous Mercury will be put here.
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PostSubject: Re: Mercury    Thu Feb 16, 2012 11:12 pm

1994 – Susanne Raymond is born on January 12th.
1998 – Susanne’s mother joins Wells Inc.
2007 – The thirteen year old Susie is exposed to a gaseous chemical compound in a freak accident along with Nathan King, her mother’s rival.
2007 – Susanne acquires superhuman abilities including Pyrokinesis, Superhuman Strength, and Heat Immunity
2007 – Susanne adopts the dual persona of Mercury.
2007 – Susanne battles her first “super criminal”, a colossal elemental beast known as Golem.
2007 – Mercury makes a lifelong arch-foe in Nathan King, now a psychopath calling himself Fire-Hazard.
2008 – Mercury meets Flip-Side, a future long time ally and mentor.
2008 – Susanne’s close friend, Ariel, discovers her secret.
2009 – Mercury is rejected from a spot in the roster of the New Exemplar for being too young and inexperienced.
2009 – Mercury is declared the most celebrated superhero in Manhattan and is adopted as the mascot of Manhattan superheroes, even being given the nickname of “Manhattan’s Fire Lily”.
2010 – Mercury helps to defend the city against a group of Zoa with the immediate help of Flip-Side, Half-Ghost, Scarecrow, and Diamond-Girl.
2010 – Mercury joins the other four heroes in forming The Warriors after they realize that together they are mightier than individually.
2010 – Mercury spearheads an attack for The Warriors on an invading alien race after advocating the addition of The Twilight Twins and The Invader to the team.
2010 – Mercury is kicked out of The Warriors when her behavior grows out of control.
2010 – Mercury divides into two separate entities, one of which being herself, and the other being an embodiment of her fear, anger, and hate calling herself She-Devil.
2010 – Mercury is taken back into The Warriors after defeating She-Devil, a demon spawn created by Zoa to hopefully destroy Scarecrow, the greatest threat to him.
2010 – Mercury meets her parallel, another female superhero named Flare with similar powers.
2010 – Mercury becomes infatuated with Scarecrow.
2011 – Mercury opts to stay uninvolved in the “In-Justice” event as with the rest of her Warriors allies.
2011 – Mercury returns to superhero work shortly after Fire-Hazard torches nearly half of the city to challenge him but is defeated and escapes.
2011 – Mercury breaks into Sin City and acts under an assumed civilian persona to spy on Fire-Hazard but is soon brought to Fire-Hazard’s attention by Twister.
2011 – Mercury is captured by Fire-Hazard and forced to watch as he makes two civilians fight Stampede and ultimately die.
2011 – Mercury reveals that she’d intended to be caught to provide a distraction while an ally team broke in and disabled security.
2011 – Mercury beats Fire-Hazard to a pulp before Fire-Hazard escapes, tricking the mentally unstable Flare into detonating and leveling another portion of the city.
2012 – Mercury returns from apparent death in time to fight an all out battle between heroes and villains at the end of the “Missing Link”.
2012 – Mercury is one of the earlier heroes to be infected by Bane.
2012 – Mercury is the first to be cured of the Bane Virus.
2013 – Mercury is beaten by Fire-Hazard to within an inch of her life and has her mask ripped off in public in front of a large crowd.
2013 – Susanne gives up on hero work and lays low.
2015 – Susanne suits back up as Mercury after The Twilight Twins undo the events that took place in “Together They Fall”, her excuse to the general public being that she took a hiatus but she thanked them for their faith in her.
2016 – Mercury discovers that the majority of her more signature arch-foes are acting particularly out of character.
2016 – Mercury finds that the cause of the strange behavior is the work of Zoa who is trying, once again, to manipulate the negative side of Mercury as well as use Nova-Girl to push her to her limit.

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PostSubject: Re: Mercury    Wed Feb 22, 2012 9:45 am

The environment portryed in the Mercury comics, as well as a majority of others, is perceived as taking place some time around the 60's-70's.

19XX - Susanne Ray, prodigy wiz kid, is exposed to a peculiar chemical compound that alters her and gives her superhuman abilities including pyrokinesis, superhuman strength, enhanced durability, and flame generation.
19XX - Susie takes it upon herself to defend the city as the super-heroine, Mercury.
19XX - Susanne makes her first arch-foe, Fire-Hazard, the very maniac that caused the accident in the first place.
19XX - Susanne begins to work as an intern for the company that her mother works under.
19XX - Susie's best friend, Ariel, discovers her secret.
19XX - Susie meets David James who she eventually begins to date.
19XX - Mercury encounters a new arch-foe by the name of Toxin who her fire powers have no effect on and whose skin is highly toxic, preventing her from touching him.
19XX - Mercury joins forces with Flip-Side, Scarecrow, Half-Ghost, and Diamond-Girl to stop Zoa who had taken control of Golem 2.0 and was using him to break into an abandoned A.M.M.O bunker not far from Manhattan that had a transporter device that could bring the mighty devil to Earth.
19XX - After angering Devil-Bat enough to the point where he breaks the mental hold Zoa has over him, the five heroes decide to band together again should it ever be necessary, dubbing themselves The Warriors and claiming the bunker as a base of operations.
19XX - Mercury successfully prevents an invasion of parasitic aliens that bring out the worst in their hosts by torching the queen and her nest.
19XX - Mercury discovers after a number of episodes regarding her unusually dark behavior that she'd been intruded by one of these parasites and fights for dominance.
19XX - While fighting Toxin who'd captured several scientists he was rather angry with, Mercury continues to fight herself, her darkest of inner desires but a lab explosion separates her from the parasite...and mutates the creature, turning it into a dark parallel of Mercury calling herself The She-Devil, one of Mercury's most dangerous of arch-foes.
19XX - Mercury takes up Ariel as a partner after she acquires superhuman water manipulation abilities.
19XX - Mercury meets Kenneth Drake.
19XX - David and Ariel are kidnapped by Fire-Hazard and Mercury sets off to rescue them.
19XX - Fire-Hazard leads Mercury to a small boat rigged to explode and throws an anchor overboard with the chain tied around David's leg, dragging him in. Meanwhile, with Ariel on the boat without her necklace, Mercury rushes to try and save them both. She fails to stop the explosion but absorbs the blast as best she can, protecting her friend from the flames. She then dives down into the water after setting Ariel down on a bridge. She is able to break the chain binding David but all too late. He'd drowned...he was gone.
19XX - Ariel loses her powers when the necklace is destroyed by Ice Empress.
19XX - At this low point in young Susanne's life, she begins to consider giving up as a superhero, leaving the protection of the city to those more suited for it like the Exemplar or the League of Heroes.
19XX - She holds out for a bit longer but things only get worse when her uncle returns after having been gone since she was four. He later discovers his Niece's secret and tries to use her as a tool to get back at several gangsters who'd conned him, later revealing that he was actually a notorious crime leader that Mercury had no choice other than to bring to justice. Unforunately, he'd supposedly died, falling from the bridge during a fight with Toxin.
19XX - Susanne gives up on being Mercury.
19XX - Susanne suits back up after a mentor of hers is driven over the deep end following the death of his wife, now altering himself and continuing on as Ion, a man of pure ionic energy.
19XX - Reminded that she is still needed in the world, Susanne reclaims her status as Mercury for good.
19XX - When Mercury rejoins The Warriors and begins to try and breach Scarecrow's estranged relationship with the others. But, in doing so, she grows attracted to him.
19XX - Mercury is honored by the New York public after saving the city from a rampaging New Golem (notably by tricking Golem into Central Park to tangle with Devil-Bat).
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