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 Timeline: New Generations Universe

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PostSubject: Timeline: New Generations Universe   Mon Feb 13, 2012 11:09 am

This timeline will primarily cover major events in the history of the New Gen Universe. Note that there are some things present in both universes.

1752 – The Payback Club is established
1853 - The first major case of masked vigilantism is introduced to America with Triggerman and later his sidekick, a young girl by the handle of Lassy
1860 – Triggerman is presumably killed in battle with an old foe
1921 – Aerocorp is established
1930 - An alien life form lands in America
1935 - Russia Develops its Deep Science Military Branch known as TITAN
1941 - Said alien life form takes on the guise of The American and fights for the American Dream in WWII
1942 – A mysterious meteor lands in America and is studied by a team of top scientists until one Ezekiel Trask is presumably killed by the radiation
1942 - The American joins forces with The American Eagle to fight the Axis Powers
1945 - The American fails to stop the Nukes from being dropped on Japan
1945 - WWII Ends
1947 - Superheroes begin to become more potent as more of them come along
1950 - TITAN announces Independence from Russia
1950 – The Crisis Corps is established
1952 - The world is subject to the first mass invasion from an alien race, this particular invasion brought by the Qul’ann
1952 - The United States activates Project 51, an organization meant to police Alien affairs
1952 – An object entering Earth’s Atmosphere is brought to Project 51’s attention and they find it to be a mysteriously alien frozen in the New Zealand depths which they then acquire.
1953 - Thanks to the combined efforts of The American and a small group of other heroes, The Qul’ann Invasion is fended off
1953 - Project 51 erases the memory of the Invasion from the general public
1955 - The American hangs up his cape, going down in history as a great American Hero though he is disappointed to see what this fine country is turning into
1955 - The African Nation of Eden is established
1958 – The African Superhuman Nation of Eden is legally declared its own independent nation, abiding by its own government system
1960 – TITAN returns after a decade in limbo and begins a mass assault on the major powers of the world known as Black Saturday
1960 – TITAN aborts its Black Saturday mission
1962 – A.M.O is established by the American Government
1964 – After an unpredictable TITAN attack on Washington D.C, A.M.O separates itself from the American Government and becomes a Global Threat Response Division, renaming itself A.M.M.O, driven to bring TITAN to justice as well as maintain global peace
1968 – The Qul’ann return but are more easily defeated by the combined efforts of A.M.M.O and the newest Star Spangled Hero, Capitol-Man among other, less documented heroes
1970 – The High Intelligence illegal science group is established
1971 – TITAN issues an attack on Manhattan in which a group of heroes, led by Capitol-Man, defend against them
1971 – After the defeat of TITAN, Capitol-Man and his allies tighten their alliance and form the first successful Superhero Team, The Exemplar
1972 – The High Intelligence becomes publicly known during a full week of highly organized crime and elaborate schemes and operations known as Green Week, during which many superheroes combat them
1975 – Kendall Enterprises is established
1975 – Capitol-Man and Mr. Amazo work together to forge a more broad and open super team, in fact a superhero army, The League of Heroes, to fight threats that even The Exemplar can’t alone
1985 – Commander Doome, head of global domination group, The Crisis Corps, is presumably killed in a final battle with The Exemplar and The Corps is passed on to his second in command
1987 – The original Exemplar disband after over a decade of hero work
1989 – The Exemplar is quickly reformed by Defender
1990 – The Payback Club is revealed to be more than an urban myth when they assassinate the president of the United States, revealed later to be a shape-shifting alien intending to issue a command for an invasion
1990 – Battle Enterprises is established
1992 – Wonder Hills, New Jersey is annihilated by a madman known as Khan who is eventually defeated thanks to The League of Heroes
1993 – The Coming of Apocalypse, an event in which four nigh-omnipotent and presumably alien individuals known as the Horsemen attack various key locations in the world, takes place, ending when The Exemplar defeats each Horseman individually
1996 – The tragic Battle Land event begins, in which a majority of the world’s heroes are taken to another world to fight for their own against a nigh-omnipotent demon spawn known as Gorr
1997 – Battle Land finally ends but with the lives of over 75% of the involved heroes lost to the mighty demon’s forces
1998 – A memorial is placed in Washington D.C, commemorating both Wonder Hills in 1992 and the fallen heroes from Battle Land 1996 - 1997
1999 – With only two members remaining, one of which being a teenager and the other in a comatose state, The Exemplar is disbanded
1999 – North Labs is established
2000 – SPLICE is established
2000 – Nathan Kendall, son of Defender, takes control of Kendall Enterprises
2002 – Eden accepts Mercy as its queen
2004 – Eden Allies itself with the US and Britain
2006 – TITAN and The High Intelligence begin a war over a powerful “mythological artifact” in the middle of Manhattan but are quickly stopped by A.M.M.O and various heroes
2009 – The Exemplar is reformed by Solace of the second team
2010 – The Evolution Shower, a meteor shower in which the space rocks contained potent mutating radiation, struck over 75% of America
2010 – In the aftermath of the Evolution Shower, percentage of superhuman civilians is predicted to increase by over 20%
2011 – The publicly titled “In-Justice” Event hits the country and heroes are forced to pick a side
2011 – Fire-Hazard annihilates just under half of Manhattan in a display of power and takes over what still remains, using stolen Wells Inc drones
2011 – Flare loses control and levels another good section of Manhattan while confronting Fire-Hazard
2011 – A large number of heroes go missing in what A.M.M.O deemed The Missing Link event
2012 – Bane infects Manhattan, transforming citizens into hybrid versions of his own alien race
2013 – Bane is ultimately defeated
2014 – The President is killed in the midst of an alien invasion and the Vice President takes office, almost immediately passing an anti-superhero act that all but leads to a war
2014 – The new President is revealed to be an infiltration expert and master of disguise known as Camouflage working under The High Intelligence
2014 – The Dead spontaneously begin to rise again as raging demons bent on destruction and begin to overtake everything
2014 – The undead swarms are finally defeated with the defeat of Hades
2016 – The Horsemen of the Apocalypse return now lead by Death and with three new individuals at the helm as Pestilence, War, and Famine, and they begin operations to destroy modern civilization once again
2016 – The Horsemen are once again defeated, this time presumably for good
2016 – Anubis grants various mortals godlike abilities to challenge the deities of Asgard and Olympus and the gods on Earth begin to fall
2017 – Anubis takes over Asgard after he and his army of god-like mortals defeat Odin and remove him from power
2017 – Anubis forces the remaining Asgardian gods to attack the remaining Olympian gods, the result being a war that Anubis is almost sure to win
2017 – Various heroes are chosen to help in defeating Anubis and are taken to Asgard to confront him
2017 – Anubis tricks the heroes and ultimately defeats them, later revealing himself to have been working together with Loki
2017 – Loki betrays Anubis and casts him down to Hel but the war between the gods turns to a cataclysmic event that destroys Asgard and Olympus as well as killing a majority of the gods, including Heracles, Thor, and Zeus
2018 – Time itself is rewritten when the Twilight Twins, Cosmo-Girl, Star-Girl, and Aura all repair reality after it is nearly torn apart by the giant-sized alien, Mogo and the living Cosmic Storm, Zhuum. This reestablishes time to the point of 2011, erasing everything to happen following that date, including the aging of characters. However the recorded year is still 2018, in effect making it so that everyone virtually skipped over 7 years.
2020 – Commander Doome returns, having been in regenerative stasis for the entire time
2020 – Doome retakes The Crisis Corps and begins returning it to its former glory
2023 – The gods return to Asgard and Olympus
2024 – The League of Heroes is expanded to include more members
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Timeline: New Generations Universe
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